The latest issue of Beyond has gone to print. And if the few glimpses I’ve gotten are any indication, it’s gonna be a beaut’. Those of you with subscriptions can expect a copy in the coming weeks. Those of you without subscriptions should go get one. Now!

We expect the time between issues to drop dramatically now that we have a couple under our belts. (Actually, that first-person stuff gives my belt way too much credit. It’s mostly Karen’s belt.) Launching an ads-free magazine — that’s a magazine without ads, people! — is no picnic. But Karen has stumbled upon a wonderful discovery. If you take a magazine, remove all of the stuff that is designed to make you spend money (between 40% and 100% of the content of most mags), and replace that crap with stories, essays, interviews, photos, and jaw-dropping design, you end up with something like art.