Best Films of 2014

Favorite Theatrical Releases

Favorite films that had a one-week run in NYC during 2014. In order of preference. (The complete list can be found at Letterboxd.)

  1. The Immigrant (James Gray)
  2. The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zurcher)
  3. Jealousy (Philippe Garrel)
  4. What Now? Remind Me (Joaquim Pinto)
  5. Norte, The End of History (Lav Diaz)
  6. Goodbye to Language (Jean-Luc Godard)
  7. Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt)
  8. Stray Dogs (Tsai Ming-liang)
  9. The Last of the Unjust (Claude Lanzmann)
  10. Closed Curtain (Jafar Panahi)

Favorite As-Yet Undistributed Features

Hopefully at least half of these will make their way into theaters in 2015. In order of preference.

  1. Horse Money (Pedro Costa)
  2. Phoenix (Christian Petzold)
  3. Amour Fou (Jessica Housner)
  4. Episode of the Sea (Siebren de Haan and Lonnie van Brummelen)
  5. Tu dors Nicole (Stéphane LaFleur)
  6. De la musique ou La jota de Rosset (Jean-Charles Fitoussi)
  7. Sentimental Education (Julio Bressane)
  8. Pasolini (Abel Ferrara)
  9. How to Disappear Completely (Raya Martin)
  10. Approaching the Elephant (Amanda Wilder)

Favorite New Experimental Shorts

Putting these lists together has made me realize that I need to make a habit of going to Rotterdam. In alphabetical order.

  • Deorbit (Makino Takashi & Telecosystems)
  • Dot Matrix (Richard Tuohy)
  • The Innocents (Jean-Paul Kelly)
  • Konrad & Kurfurst (Esther Urlus)
  • New Fancy Foils (Jodie Mack)
  • Photooxidation (Pablo Mazzolo)
  • Red Capriccio (Blake Williams)
  • Sea Series #9, 11, 12, 13, 14 (John Price)
  • A Study in Natural Magic (Charlotte Pryce)
  • Sun Song (Joel Wanek)

Favorite Discoveries

Older films I saw for the first time this year, limited to one film per director. In alphabetical order.

  • D’Annunzios Höhle (Heinz Emigholz, 2005)
  • Gideon of Scotland Yard (John Ford, 1958)
  • The Goddess (Yonggang Wu, 1934)
  • The Great Flamarion (Anthony Mann, 1945)
  • Lars Ole 5.C (Nils Malmros, 1973)
  • Love Streams (John Cassavetes, 1984)
  • Rivette – The Night Watchman (Claire Denis, 1990)
  • The Spy in Black (Michael Powell, 1939)
  • Tchoupitoulas (Bill Ross and Turner Ross, 2012)
  • Twentieth Century (Howard Hawks, 1934)