2005 Film Diary

4 The Life Aquatic with Steve Sizzou [Anderson]
10 It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books [Linklater]
11 Faces [Cassavetes]
12 A Woman Under the Influence [Cassavetes]
13 It’s Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books [Linklater]
14 The Killing of a Chinese Bookie [Cassavetes]
14 Opening Night [Cassavetes]
22 Slacker [Linklater]
29 Slacker [Linklater]
30 First Name: Carmen [Godard]
1 Chocolat [Denis]
4 Slacker [Linklater]
7 Slacker [Linklater]
9 The Apartment [Wilder]
12 The Gleaners and I [Varda]
14 Two Years Later [Varda]
16 All the Youthful Days [Hou]
16 Waking Life [Linklater]
18 The Skywalk is Gone [Tsai]
18 Goodbye, Dragon Inn [Tsai]
20 Bad Education [Almodovar]
21 La Guerre est Finie [Resnais]
22 Sunset Boulevard [Wilder]
27 The Scar [Kieslwoski]
28 The Usual Suspects [Singer]
2 In the Bathtub of the World [Zahedi]
6 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [Conran]
7 Chocolat [Denis]
13 I Can’t Sleep [Denis]
17 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [Gondry]
18 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [Gondry]
14 Super Size Me [Spurlock]
22 The Gravel Road [Menon]
22 Profiles of Farmers: Daily Life [Depardon]
22 Innocence [Hadzihalilovic]
23 Revelations [eight short films]
23 La Petite Chartreuse [Denis]
23 Street Angel [Borzage]
24 Dear Enemy [Xhuvani]
24 Pin Boy [Poliak]
25 Edgar G. Ulmer — The Man Off Screen [Palm]
25 The Fall of Fujimori [Perry]
25 L’Intrus [Denis]
27 End of the Century [Fields and Cramaglia]
28 Mayor of Sunset Strip [Hickenlooper]
1 Fanny & Alexander TV Version [Bergman]
3 The Cyclist [Makhmalbaf]
4 Lemony Snicket [Silberling]
5 All About Eve [Mankiewicz]
8 Sunrise [Murnau]
10 Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession [Cassavetes]
12 I’m Losing You [Wagner]
13 La Jetee [Marker]
13 The Eye Like a Strange Balloon [Maddin]
14 Beau Travail [Denis]
16 The Missing [Howard]
19 Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train [Ellis and Mueller]
22 The Best Years of Our Lives [Wyler]
24 Notre Musique [Godard]
28 Stranger than Paradise [Jarmusch]
30 The Corporation [Abbot and Achbar]
1 Trouble Every Day [Denis]
4 The Weather Underground [Green and Siegel]
4 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith [Lucas]
14 Ecstasy of the Angels [Wakamatsu]
15 The Blue Angel [Von Sternberg]
16 Napoleon Dynamite [Hess]
23 Batman Begins [Nolan]
26 Jules and Jim [Truffaut]
1 Life of Oharu [Mizoguchi]
4 L’Age d’Or [Bunuel]
8 Some Like It Hot [Wilder]
11 Kingdom of Heaven [Scott]
20 Bright Leaves [McElwee]
21 Aguirre, The Wrath of God [Herzog]
22 Paris, Texas [Wenders]
23 Bad News Bears [Linklater]
24 My Darling Clementine [Ford]
26 Open Water [Kentis]
30 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [Huston]
31 Seven Up! [Almond]
31 7 Plus Seven [Apted]
6 Pather Panchali [Ray]
11 21 Up [Apted]
14 Nosferatu [Murnau]
15 28 Up [Apted]
15 Vers Nancy [Denis]
16 Me and You and Everyone We Know [July]
19 Los Angeles Plays Itself [Andersen]
20 Battle of Algiers [Pontecorvo]
23 Down by Law [Jarmusch]
24 Saraband [Bergman]
26 35 Up [Apted]
30 42 Up [Apted]
1 Nenette and Boni [Denis]
3 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [Ford]
8 Ballets Russes [Geller and Goldfine]
9 The Sun [Sokurov]
9 Three Times [Hou]
9 Shanghai Dreams [Wang]
9 Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine [Tscherkassky]
10 Mrs. Henderson Presents [Frears]
10 L’ Enfer [Tanovic]
10 Battle in Heaven [Reygadas]
11 A History of Violence [Cronenberg]
11 Sketches of Frank Gehry [Pollack]
11 À travers la forêt [Civeyrac]
11 Les Saignantes [Bekolo]
11 L’ Annulaire [Bertrand]
12 Marock [Marrakchi]
12 I Am [Kedzierzawska]
12 Perpetual Motion [Ning]
13 Something Like Happiness [Sláma]
13 Mary [Ferrara]
13 Little Fish [Woods]
13 Capote [Miller]
13 Wavelength [Snow]
14 Vers Le Sud [Cantet]
14 Where the Truth Lies [Egoyan]
14 Caché [Haneke]
15 Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story [Winterbottom]
15 The Wild, Wild Rose [Wong]
15 Why We Fight [Jarecki]
15 Le Temps qui reste [Ozon]
16 Un Couple parfait [Suwa]
16 U.S. Go Home [Denis]
16 The Death of Mister Lazarescu [Puiu]
17 The Wayward Cloud [Tsai]
17 Angel [McKay]
17 L’ Enfant [Dardenne]
17 Backstage [Bercot]
20 Mystery Train [Jarmusch]
23 2046 [Wong]
25 The Dreamers [Bertolucci]
2 Dead Man [Jarmusch]
4 The Sweet Smell of Success [Mackendrick]
10 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai [Jarmusch]
12 Broken Flowers [Jarmusch]
13 Coffee & Cigarettes [Jarmusch]
15 Time of the Wolf [Haneke]
16 Our Song [McKay]
20 In the Bathtub of the World [Zahedi]
21 Japon [Reygadas]
23 A Little Stiff [Zahedi]
25 I Am a Sex Addict [Zahedi]
26 A Moment of Innocence [Makhmalbaf]
26 I Am a Sex Addict [Zahedi]
26 Close Up [Kiarostami]
31 In the Bathtub of the World [Zahedi]
2 Tripping with Caveh [Zahedi]
6 La Captive [Akerman]
9 In a Lonely Place [Ray]
11 Croupier [Hodges]
22 Born to Be Bad [Ray]
25 The Brown Bunny [Gallo]
27 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Newell]
27 Rebel Without a Cause [Ray]
30 Beau Travail [Denis]
4 Bitter Victory [Ray]
11 L’Eclisse [Antonioni]
19 Welcome to Sarajevo [Winterbottom]
20 The Passenger [Antonioni]
28 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Cuaron]
29 The Squid and the Whale [Baumbach]