To be continued . . .

In the nine years since I first read Denise Levertov’s poem “Making Peace” and pulled the words “long pauses . . .” from it, I’ve bought and sold two houses, changed jobs three times, and launched a freelance business. I’ve attended nearly a dozen film festivals, interviewed several of my heroes, and developed lifelong friendships with an amazing group of bloggers, filmmakers, writers, and fellow travelers. I’ve started and abandoned a doctoral dissertation, cried in anger and shame over the actions of my country, and felt occasional but startling moments of pride and patriotism. I’ve left the church and found my faith. I’ve celebrated nine of my fourteen wedding anniversaries, suffered the loss of two people I loved dearly, and, as of Tuesday, April 27 at 4:09 pm, become a father. And it’s all documented here in this strange archive of my life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished here at this site and am even more proud of the man I’ve become in the process.

I’d been thinking about shuttering this iteration of Long Pauses for quite some time, but the timeline was accelerated by Blogger’s decision to end their FTP service. When I finish this post and click “publish,” the last bits of content will be pushed to, where it will stay, in this form, for as long as I decide it belongs there. I’ve archived it all and might eventually drop it into another format, but for now I’m content to let it stand as a document of this stage in my life.

I’m not sure how long — or even if — commenting will work. I’d hoped to post this a few days ago to leave more time for that kind of thing, but my daughter’s early arrival threw a wrench — a wonderful, beautiful wrench — into the works. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, and I suspect you’ll eventually see me back here at Long Pauses.

Until then, thanks for reading.