Albert Serra: Iconic Images

This interview was originally published at Senses of Cinema.

Apr 14, 2009
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Lee Isaac Chung: The Storm of Progress

This interview was originally published at Sojourners.

Jun 1, 2008
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Ron Austin’s In a New Light: Spirituality and the Media Arts

This essay was originally published at Sojourners.

Feb 1, 2008
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Abel Ferrara’s Battle with the Irrational

To watch the body of Abel Ferrara’s films, as I’ve tried my best to do over the last month and a half, is to see a man wrestling obsessively — sadomasochistically, even — with the Irrational. The stylized violence, the scenery-chewing performances, the gratuitous and exploitative female nudity — all are window dressing. What’s at stake here is nothing less than the very possibility of grace.

Mar 27, 2006
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Calls to Conscience and Action

Varda, as much an essayist as filmmaker, explores gleaning as a hypertext of ideas: gleaning is an alternate economy; at times it’s a moral choice, at others a lamentable necessity; it’s both transgressive and communal; and, finally, it’s a metaphor for the artistic process itself.

Mar 9, 2006
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Five Spiritually Significant Films

The fine folks at the Arts and Faith discussion forum have cast their votes, crunched the numbers, and released their second annual list of the Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films. In honor of their fine work, I offer my own obvious and predictable Top 5 list.

Nov 25, 2005
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The Filmgoer’s Guide To God

A few interesting snippets from part 1 of Jonathan Hourigan’s interview with Tim Cawkwell, author of The Filmgoer’s Guide To God. . .

Apr 3, 2005
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Fallen Creatures in a Fallen World: The Films of John Cassavetes

This essay was originally published at Sojourners.

Mar 1, 2005
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On the Newsstand

When I was contacted by an editor at Sojourners a couple months ago and invited to contribute to their Culture Watch section, I felt some ambivalence about the offer.

Feb 22, 2005
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More Church Stuff

My recent rambling on “relevance” is far and away the most-read, most-linked-to, most-commented-upon post in Long Pauses history, which is both strange and strangely comforting. The more I search, the more fellow travelers I find.

Jul 28, 2004
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