Nora Alter on Sans Soleil

After a second viewing, I still needed some help wrapping my brain around the structure of Marker’s Sans Soleil. The following is a summary of useful ideas from Nora Alter’s book, Chris Marker.

Feb 7, 2008
Category: Film

P. Adams Sitney on Film Bloggers

“The other day I was talking to a group of younger filmmakers about a current situation I simply cannot understand. There seems to be a tremendous revitalization of avant-garde filmmaking now, but there’s absolutely no one publishing anything about it.”

Jul 16, 2007
Category: Film

The Politics of Form

Peter Watkins in a 1981 interview with Scott MacDonald (A Critical Cinema vol. 2), discussing the television miniseries Roots (if the quote seems jerky and repetitive, it’s because I mashed together snippets from several pages).

Mar 19, 2007
Category: Film

Boring Art Films

I just stumbled upon a review of Un Couple parfait that calls it the “quintessential Boring Art Film.” I have no qualms with this particular critic. In fact, he and I are often in agreement. All of which makes me wonder, Why do I love Boring Art Films?

Oct 4, 2005
Category: Film

The New Cine

I’m pleased to announce Cine Club, a new group blog that I hope will evolve in interesting ways. In the spirit of Andre Bazin and Francois Truffaut, I recently began hosting weekly film viewings with a small group of friends.

Aug 2, 2004
Category: Film

The Great Divide

I genuinely admire Jeffrey Overstreet for his willingness to write this stuff. I’m glad that someone is doing it. I’m even more glad that that someone ain’t me.

Jun 2, 2004
Category: Film

Biskind Blows

Via GreenCine Daily comes this link to Biskind Blows. I haven’t read Down and Dirty Pictures, and have no real desire to, but, based on others’ reports, I feel safe in assuming that my main beef with Easy Riders, Raging Bulls applies to his newer work as well.

Mar 25, 2004
Category: Film

Still Cranky (After All These Years)

I don’t read White for his reviews, I read him for his attitude, and I wish there were more out there like him.

Dec 4, 2003
Category: Film