Preach On

“If cinema is merely an imposition of ideology, then, as a field of study, it is both a bore and a chore. There was a brief moment in my life when I viewed cinema solely through the lens of post-structuralism, but I realized that it was jeopardizing my love for the art. Call me naive, but I believe cinema, like other artforms, can still offer aesthetic experiences worthy of the search.” — EJ Park

Aug 11, 2004
Category: Film

The New Cine

I’m pleased to announce Cine Club, a new group blog that I hope will evolve in interesting ways. In the spirit of Andre Bazin and Francois Truffaut, I recently began hosting weekly film viewings with a small group of friends.

Aug 2, 2004
Category: Film


“Perhaps the best lesson of books is not to venerate them — or at least never to hold them in higher esteem than our own faculties, our own experience, our own peers, our own dialogues.” — Christina Nehring

Jul 2, 2004
Category: Words

Get Mortified

The most recent episode of This American Life (which is worth listening to in its entirety) ends with an eight-minute reading by Sascha Rothchild. And by “reading” I mean “really funny, really frightening performance of several pages from her teenage diary.”

Jul 1, 2004
Category: Debris

Moral Equivalence

A nice post yesterday from slacktivist.

Jun 10, 2004
Category: Debris, Politics

Liberalism and Literature

A comment left here on Wednesday by Daniel Green led me to his blog, which in turn led me to his wonderful article, “Liberalism and Literature.” A critique of the “academic left” and of ideological criticism, in general, Green’s piece is refreshingly articulate, well-informed, and even-handed.

Mar 19, 2004
Category: Debris, Politics

Feelin’ Crispy

I’m sympathizing right now with Clancy, who, a year-and-a-half into her doctoral work, asks, “Is this what burnout feels like? I have so much to do and no desire to engage any of it.”

Jan 13, 2004
Category: Debris

Saints and Artists

Paul Ford posted a great piece on the death of Elliott Smith that is all the more timely given the impending release of that Sylvia Plath film.

Oct 24, 2003
Category: Music, Words

Thanks for the Links

My host recently adjusted their Webstats software, so I’m now able to get better data about Long Pauses readers.

Oct 8, 2003
Category: Debris

Academic Blogs

I chased a link and ended up discovering a fascinating community of academic bloggers, most of whom are like me — insiders with an outsider’s (slightly disgruntled) perspective. If you’re considering graduate school, read the links on the right side of Invisible Adjunct before making any rash decision.

Sep 30, 2003
Category: Debris