Version 13

I shelved Long Pauses in 2010, soon after my daughter was born, because, frankly, the web had become boring.

Aug 16, 2012
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Recent Developments

Today is August 16th, which means an entire month has passed since my last post here. I believe that’s a first in the six-year history of Long Pauses.

Aug 16, 2007
Category: Debris

P. Adams Sitney on Film Bloggers

“The other day I was talking to a group of younger filmmakers about a current situation I simply cannot understand. There seems to be a tremendous revitalization of avant-garde filmmaking now, but there’s absolutely no one publishing anything about it.”

Jul 16, 2007
Category: Film

YouTube (Instead of) Memory

Here’s an odd clip I just stumbled upon. I witnessed that exact event after stepping out of a film at TIFF this year. It was in the Paramount Theater, at the top of the long escalators. And now I no longer need to remember it. My memory has been captured, uploaded, tagged with metadata, and stored safely away, where it can be retrieved immediately — by anyone. And I played no part in the process.

Jan 17, 2007
Category: Debris

Version 9.0

I had two main goals this time out. First, I wanted to return to the conventional blog format. As I said in my announcement of the last redesign, the widescreen format was an experiment — a usability study, really. And what I discovered was . . . it wasn’t as usable. Second, and more importantly, I wanted to stretch my CSS skills a bit.

May 30, 2006
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I’ve Been Meme’d

Girish tagged me.

May 10, 2006
Category: Debris

Now in Widescreen

Welcome to Long Pauses (version 8.0). Consider this redesign a usability study.

Dec 6, 2005
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A Girl and a Gun

That is how George Fasel began his first post at A Girl and a Gun. He became one of my Daily Reads a month or two later. Like I wrote in the comments there, as saddened as I am to hear of George’s passing, I’m also feeling strangely inspired and encouraged by his example.

Aug 21, 2005
Category: Debris

Selling My Soul to Blogger

People who blog are, by their nature, archivists, and posts like this serve to capture a significant (relatively speaking, of course) moment of development. I found several such pages while digging through the archives and enjoyed revisiting them.

Feb 13, 2005
Category: Web Design

Popular Frontiers

“Static is the place where there isn’t much–abandoned buildings, fog, cotton fields forever–but the absence has a presence. There’s sound in the silence, like the wheel grind and tape hiss in a Mountain Goats song.”

Nov 19, 2004
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