March Madness Pick ‘Em

Andy beat me to the punch by a couple days, but for those of you who spend too much time alone in dark rooms watching moving pictures, let me remind you that the next three weeks are the most exciting of the year for many American sports fans. It’s league championship week, followed immediately by the High Holy days of the NCAA tournament.

I’ve created a group at Yahoo Sports (the “Dziga Vertov Group,” naturally) and invite all interested parties to join the fun. Fill out your bracket, then test your mettle against other film bloggers and Long Pauses readers. If you want to play, leave your email address in the comments or drop me a private note, and I’ll send you the group number and password.

Note: Not by coincidence, the question mark at the center of this bracket is Tennessee orange. I don’t really expect them to win it all, but the Volunteers will be in the Sweet Sixteen. (I’m saving my National Championship prediction for next year.)

Update: We already have nine players in our group. The more the merrier. Selection Sunday is March 11. Registration ends on March 15, before the start of the first game.