Iron & Wine & Tarkovsky

How strange. I just discovered that Sam Beam, of Iron and Wine, graduated from Florida State’s film school. As an alumnus of that program, my wife receives a monthly email notice, The Warren Report, that offers brief updates on the lives and careers of FSU filmmakers. From today’s report:

EJ Holowicki (MFA 00) will be touring with Sam Beam (MFA 99)’s Iron and Wine group. They will be in the UK, Canada, and many places in the US – go to, search for Iron and Wine, then go to Iron and Wine tour to see if there is a location near you! Sam played on the Carson Daly Show on NBC, May 5th!

Now I’m curious to see Sam’s student films. In this interview, Maud Newton (whose husband also apparently attended the film school) describes them as:

part Tarkovsky, part simple, visual music. One short opened with the sound of an explosion over a black screen. A man in a flight suit or space suit lay on the beach, dying. Some children ran up to him, peering at him and laughing. At the end, the man was still.