Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner will rewrite Steven Spielberg’s untitled drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where members of the Israeli team were held hostage and slain by Palestinian extremists.

Kushner and Spielberg? Together? You do remember the final scene of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, right? I love it. Given his history of progressive activism and his ambivalence toward the Zionest cause, I’m not the least bit surprised that Kushner would be attracted to a project that addresses head-on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Spielberg’s involvement comes as a bit of a shock, however. Kushner’s script, I’m sure, will be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause (without, of course, condoning outright the kidnappings). Will Spielberg follow through? Will he explore the issue’s moral and political complexities? Will he risk his lionized, post-Schindler status?

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