Head Trip

I woke up this morning dreaming of Philip Roth and Norman Mailer. The details are sketchy. I know that I was in a mall of some sort and that one or both of them were there for a bookstore signing. Other than that, I just remember being really excited to see those two curmudgeons sitting together, sharing lunch, and then being equally horrified when both ran away from me rather than answer my few, simple questions about the American Left and the Problems of History in Cold War Literature. Rereading four Roth novels in two weeks will do that to a guy, I guess. And writing a dissertation. I think I need a vacation.

A Joyous Occasion. In a household where human reproduction is highly unlikely, announcements just don’t get any bigger than this: Long Pauses is proud to welcome Elessar (“Ace”) into the fold. (Bonus points if you can identify the source of his name.)