Goodnight for Real

Several weeks ago, a friend sent me an email and suggested that I check out Beauty Pill. After digging through their website and downloading some mp3s, I ordered The Unsustainable Lifestyle, their first full-length release, along with their two EPs, You Are Right to be Afraid and Cigarette Girl from the Future. All in all, a helluva a bargain for $22 shipped.

Anyway, I’ve listened to almost nothing else since the discs arrived. In a relatively short time — five years or so — Beauty Pill has gone through a few members, and with a couple singers and songwriters in the band there is a surprising amount of variety on display. The Song of the Moment, “Goodnight For Real” is representative only in that it features clever lyrics, solid playing (including some fun synth parts), and a really catchy chorus. Enjoy.