Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

If you’ve been around the Long Pauses block a few times, then you may have noticed that my about page, like my career, has been stuck in something of a holding pattern. Three years after launching this site, I’m still a doctoral candidate in English, still hoping someday to finish my dissertation, still paying the bills as an instructional designer. All that’s about to change. Well, some of it, at least.

On September 7, I’ll be leaving my full time job and taking a ten hour/week graduate assistantship so that I can try being a writer for a while. I’ve decided to call it “being a writer” instead of “working on my dissertation” because I don’t dream of being a dissertator for a living. I want to be a writer, and the next year should prove whether or not I have an aptitude for it. And if I enjoy it. And if this rambling mess of an idea that has plagued me for three years works. Wish me luck.

In the meantime . . .

I’m daydreaming about Toronto. Theoretically, I’ll be able to see as many as 30 films between the afternoon of September 11th and the evening of the 17th. Where to start.