Mix Tapes

2008 Mix

If the Side A/Side B thing seems pretentious, there’s at least a little method to my (nostalgic) madness. See, ideally, one who listens to this mix will take a short break after Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam.” Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could hear that song and not need to stand up, walk around, pour a stiff drink, smoke a cigarette, something.

Dec 31, 2008
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2007 Mix CD

18 songs from 18 albums I enjoyed this year.

Dec 19, 2007
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Mix CD: It’s Beautiful Now

I made this mix for a group of friends, nearly all of whom are about a half-generation older than I am. We all grew up listening to the same music, though. They bought vinyl in the new releases bin; I saw the reunion tours.

Apr 12, 2007
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Mix: Needle Drops

This mix began with a single iTunes download. My all-time favorite needle drop accompanies my favorite sequence in what also happens to be my favorite film, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror.

Nov 13, 2006
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A Session of Dance Music

One of my goals with this latest mix, “A Session of Dance Music,” was to gather some songs that wouldn’t inspire Joanna to take sarcastic jabs at my piss-poor taste. We just got back from a long drive, during which we listened to the entire disc, and her opinion seems to hover somewhere in the “Well, at least it doesn’t suck” range. So mission accomplished, I guess.

Feb 8, 2006
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Silence (and a New Mix)

I had two main goals with this mix. First, I decided to divide it evenly between older and newer music. There’s always a jump of at least 15 years from tune to tune. But I also wanted the mix to be coherent, so I was looking for a tone that could maybe be described as “Songs that might actually sound better if they were played on an old, hissing record player.”

Dec 11, 2005
Category: Mix Tapes, Music, Song of the Moment

Everything is Copasetic, Now

At Girish’s request, I’ve pasted together a mix of music that features the Fender Rhodes.

Aug 19, 2005
Category: Mix Tapes, Music, Song of the Moment

Little Feat Mix

Let me make this point perfectly clear: Little Feat is the great unsung American rock and roll band. The July mix is a collection of songs from their golden period — roughly 1972 – 1978 — the years when founder Lowell George was at his peak.

Jul 6, 2003
Category: Mix Tapes, Music

A Mid-’80s Mix

A mix of music I loved between roughly April 1987 (a month before my 15th birthday) and June 1988 (a month after my 16th).

Feb 3, 2003
Category: Mix Tapes, Music

February Mix

Yes, this is actually a mix of music that includes a song by Crash Test Dummies.

Feb 2, 2003
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