A Girl and a Gun

It is, I concede, time to pull myself out of my post-election funk and face up to the fact that I harbor the richest contempt for something like sixty million of my fellow citizens. (How’s that for healing?)

That is how George Fasel began his first post at A Girl and a Gun. He became one of my Daily Reads a month or two later. Like I wrote in the comments there, as saddened as I am to hear of George’s passing, I’m also feeling strangely inspired and encouraged by his example. He and I exchanged a few notes over the past few months, and I always enjoyed his curiosity, humor, and generosity of spirit. I had no idea he’d been a writer, historian, professor, film critic, and PR executive. I didn’t know he was 67 years old (in my imagination, every Blogger is my age, give or take), and I certainly didn’t know he was fighting cancer. What a loss.