2013 Film Diary

1 Cosmopolis [Cronenberg]
4 Sleep, My Love [Sirk]
12 Germany Year Zero [Rossellini]
13 Dark City [Proyas]
20 We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen [Irwin]
21 Flesh and the Devil [Brown]
27 The Loneliest Planet [Loktev]
3 Looper [Johnson]
16 Wee Willie Winkie [Ford]
23 Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater [c.k.]
24 L’amour existe [Pialat]
28 The Trial of Joan of Arc [Bresson]
2 Gods of the Plague [Fassbinder]
2 Broke [Corben]
3 The Strange Little Cat [Zürcher]
9 The American Soldier [Fassbinder]
10 The Plough and the Stars [Ford]
14 Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film [Chodorov]
16 This Is Not a Film [Panahi]
17 Beware of a Holy Whore [Fassbinder]
17 Fantastic Mr. Fox [Anderson]
18 Side Effects [Soderbergh]
20 The Myth of the American Sleepover [Mitchell]
24 The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant [Fassbinder]
29 Wings [Wellman]
31 Philip Roth: Unmasked [Karel]
6 Night Nurse [Wellman]
7 The Girl from Nowhere [Brisseau]
7 Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day [Rodrigues]
10 Other Men’s Women [Wellman]
12 No [Larraín]
13 Love is Colder Than Death [Fassbinder]
14 The Purchase Price [Wellman]
21 Céline [Brisseau]
21 The Public Enemy [Wellman]
23 High Fidelity [Frears]
28 Pete’s Dragon [Chaffey]
28 Frisco Jenny [Wellman]
1 Carrie [Carpenter]
4 Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? [Fassbinder]
5 Midnight Mary [Wellman]
5 Memories Look at Me [Song]
12 Upstream Color [Carruth]
18 Room 237 [Ascher]
19 La vie comme ça [Brisseau]
25 A Star Is Born [Wellman]
26 Rio das Mortes [Fassbinder]
27 Secret Things [Brisseau]
1 The Last of the Unjust [Lanzmann]
2 Eat Sleep Die [Pichler]
16 Before Midnight [Linklater]
16 Frances Ha [Baumbach]
22 Nothing Sacred [Wellman]
23 Fear of Fear [Fassbinder]
24 Before Sunrise [Linklater]
25 Before Sunset [Linklater]
30 Frisco Jenny [Wellman]
30 Midnight Mary [Wellman]
7 Day of Wrath [Dreyer]
14 Nashville [Altman]
14 The Circus [Chaplin]
16 56 Up [Apted]
17 Nénette et Boni [Denis]
21 Monsters University [Scanlon]
21 Lady of Burlesque [Wellman]
3 To the Wolf [Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou]
6 Life Without Principle [To]
10 Two-Lane Blacktop [Hellman]
16 Pays barbare [Gianikian and Lucchi]
19 The Battle of Tabato [Viana]
25 Manakamana [Spray and Velez]
25 A Thousand Suns [Diop]
30 At Berkeley [Wiseman]
5 Stranger by the Lake [Guiraudie]
5 Norte, the End of History [Diaz]
5 Abuse of Weakness [Breillat]
5 La última película [Peranson and Martin]
5 Closed Curtain [Panahi]
6 Story of My Death [Serra]
6 Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper [Rimmer]
6 Pop Takes [Price]
6 Airships [Anger]
6 El Adios Largos [Lampert]
6 The Realist [Stark]
7 Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari [Fedorchenko]
7 The Amazing Catfish [Sainte-Luce]
7 Salvation Army [Taia]
7 A Touch of Sin [Jia]
7 Instants [Schüpbach]
7 Pepper’s Ghost [Broomer]
7 Man in Motion [Saber, Glauser, and Idje]
7 Flower [Tasaka]
7 Constellations [Fanderl]
8 Like Father, Like Son [Kore-eda]/td>
8 When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism [Porumboiu]
8 A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness [Russell and Rivers]
8 Miracle [Lehotsky]
9 ’Til Madness Do Us Part [Wang]
9 Night Moves [Reichardt]
9 Our Sunhi [Hong]
9 Trissákia 3 [Collins]
9 Brimstone Line [Kennedy]
9 Listening to the Space in my Room [Beavers]
9 Mount Song [Kaul]
9 Natpwe, the feast of the spirits [Champassak and Dubrel]
10 Bastards [Denis]
10 Three Interpretation Exercises [Puiu]
10 Under the Skin [Glazer]
11 Stray Dogs [Tsai]
11 October November [Spielmann]
11 Bastards [Denis]
27 La Cérémonie [Chabrol]
28 Revanche [Spielmann]
6 Computer Chess [Bujalski]
12 Shock Corridor [Fuller]
13 The Fiances [Olmi]
14 Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater [Klinger]
16 The American Dreamer [Carson and Schiller]
17 Distant Voices, Still Lives [Davies]
18 The Strange Little Cat [Zürcher]
28 The Strange Little Cat [Zürcher]
29 Gravity [Cuaron]
10 I Killed My Mother [Dolan]
12 October November [Spielmann]
15 Muriel, or The Time of Return [Resnais]
16 Blue Is the Warmest Color [Kechiche]
17 Elephant [Van Sant]
20 Cowards Bend the Knee [Maddin]
24 The Insect Woman [Imamura]
24 Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage [Dunn and McFadyen]
25 Simon Killer [Campos]
28 In the Cut [Campion]
29 Tucker: The Man and His Dream [Coppola]
30 Spring Breakers [Korine]
1 In the Fog [Loznitsa]
3 The Last Temptation of Christ [Scorsese]
6 This Is Martin Bonner [Hartigan]
8 Donovan’s Reef [Ford]
8 Bye Bye Birdie [Sidney]
10 You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet [Resnais]
11 Stories We Tell [Polley]
14 The Act of Killing [Oppenheimer]
14 The Unknown Known [Morris]
15 Passion [De Palma]
15 12 Years a Slave [McQueen]
16 Drug War [To]
17 Inside Llewyn Davis [Coens]
22 The Bigamist [Lupino]
23 A Christmas Story [Clark]